Missing: Akia Eggleston

  1. Blessed mother says:

    God please watch over this woman and her baby. Please bring them back to there family. I pray for them and there family

  2. Liz Galvez says:

    There are so many loopholes in this story. It makes no sense how no one spoke with her or realized she was missing for 4 days. I mean if she needed rides places her friends/family should have noticed she missed her hair appointment and started investigating then. Also how come no one knows who the friend is that gave her a ride to the banks? This would be the last known person to see/speak with her and seems to be very important. Just seems like her friends/family were too distant with a girl who was about to have a baby and bed ridden. Seems like people know more and aren’t talking. What about her toddler? Did she normally go for that long of a time period without seeing her other child? Nobody thought that was abnormal? Too many questions and too weird that her friends/family don’t know more about her life or notice her missing sooner.

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