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Content Guide:

Abduction Story – time: 2:25-2:50
Brief mention of child murder, no details – time: 2:47-2:50
Brief mention of parental death – time: 6:16-6:23
Brief mention of parental and grandparent death – time: 6:38-6:54
Sexual abuse discussed – time: 8:53-9:40
Serial rapist mentioned – time: 17:58-18:42

Bizzy’s Life as Bryon McCane

Bizzy lived in Ohio with his mother Roseanne Jefferson, his two step sisters Hope and Heather, and his stepfather Byron McCain. His stepfather and mother had a very contentious relationship, and when he was 4-years-old, Byron decided that he was leaving with all of the kids. He packs Bizzy and his sisters in the car, tells them that their mother and grandmother are dead, and starts a 1,000 mile drive to Kaw Nation in Oklahoma.

Life After the Kidnapping

On the way to Oklahoma, Byron made the children’s sleep in rundown motels, unsafe shelters, and they often slept in cars overnight. Hunger was a huge issue, and busy later recalls approaching women at rest stops and asking them for bites of their food. One time, while staying at the home of a friend of Byron’s, Bizzy is sexually assaulted. They don’t settle down until Byron gets a job in Oklahoma, at which point they enroll in school. It isn’t until Bizzy’s babysitter recognizes his photo at the end of a made-for-TV movie about Adam Walsh that Bizzy is found by the FBI and returned home to his mom, Roseanne.




Life After the Recovery

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Resources/Issues Mentioned in This Episode:

Human Trafficking –
United States Post Office –
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children –
End the Backlog –


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