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I want to help you get the most expedient answer possible (also woof, I want to find your letter underneath the pile of weird stick people drawings from my kids.) I gathered some questions others have asked at the bottom of this page so please feel free to sort through those to save you a few minutes of typing out an old e-mail. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a small collection of questions other people have asked. If you're looking to save a little wait time, this might be helpful.

Can I send you a case to consider?

Absolutely yes! I take every case suggestion I receive and keep it in a "file" on my end of things. When it's time for me to plan my next few cases, I always hit this file first.

Here are the questions I take into account when I consider a case for an episode: Does this case honor the victims or the glorify the killer (no thank you?) Is this case lesser known, and would it potentially benefit from extra awareness and coverage? Are the victims part of a marginalized community? Do I have enough factual information to cover this case right now? Is this something that my listeners can digest right now as sleep-deprived parents? ;) 

Can I send you a memory about a victim whose case you've covered?

Please do. I spend many late nights reading about, tracing last steps, writing about, and even dreaming about the people whose cases I cover. It means the world to me to hear from the people who loved them before things got turned upside down. I cherish these e-mails more than I can ever tell you.

Can I send you case theories and/or tips?

Tips- no! PLEASE direct these to the agencies listed in each case episode's case notes. I am not a detective, just a storyteller.

Theories? Oh, hell yeah. PLEASE send me your theories!

Why is this podcast for parents? Can I listen if I'm not a parent?

As a parent who loves true crime, I know five things: we are tired, we don't have a lot of time, we often have little ears listening, we feel sick and sad about the state of the world, and WE STILL LOVE TRUE CRIME! My episodes are structured with these things in mind. They are easy-to-digest, can be consumed on a trip out to run errands, include episode guides and trigger warnings, and they give progressive parents action so they can help shape the world that their children are living in.

That being said, I don't talk much about the topic of parenting so you'll probably still like it and I still totally want to hang out in your Spotify list. I promise I won't momjack every conversation :)

Why are you always talking about race? Don't white victims matter? It seems like you hate the police, is that true?