Akia Eggleston was 37 weeks pregnant when she missed her long-awaited baby shower. When her family rushed to her apartment, they found it half-emptied with a hole in the wall. Despite these troublesome finds and the fact that Akia was on bed rest, the police take their time getting involved and now, three years later, Akia’s family still needs help finding her and Baby A.

BY Bethany Roach | November 4, 2020 | Episodes

Missing: Akia Eggleston

While 2020 has been really difficult, it’s a great year for Cold Cases! Several Jane Does have been identified. Here are the haunting stories of two Jane Does whose cases are worth following.

BY Bethany Roach | October 9, 2020 | Episodes

Murdered: Jane Does

Dayton, OH mom Cheryl Coker goes missing after dropping her daughter off at school. She posts a few posts on Facebook, her phone pings a few times around the house, and then she’s never seen alive again. Surveillance footage in a grocery store parking lot shows a mysterious person dropping off her car and walking away, leaving nothing but questions and devastation. 

BY Bethany Roach | September 16, 2020 | Episodes

Murdered: Cheryl Coker

Jim Wright and Tina Combs were leaning into their newly blooming long-distance friendship when they decided to meet for the very first time. However, what should have been an exciting new adventure ends up being the most gruesome crime the town of Kyle, TX has ever seen. 

BY Bethany Roach | September 1, 2020 | Episodes

Murdered: Jim and Tina