As we’re all snuggled up inside watching the new season of Unsolved Mysteries, most of us are googling “unsolved mysteries solved” with popcorn dust on our fingers. This is an Unsolved Mysteries episode that did get solved and you’re gonna wanna buckle up for this one.

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True Crime: Margo Freshwater

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Akia Eggleston was 37 weeks pregnant when she missed her long-awaited baby shower. When her family rushed to her apartment, they found it half-emptied with a hole in the wall. Despite these troublesome finds and the fact that Akia was on bed rest, the police take their time getting involved and now, three years later, Akia’s family still needs help finding her and Baby A.

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Missing Akia Eggleston

While 2020 has been really difficult, it’s a great year for Cold Cases! Several Jane Does have been identified. Here are the haunting stories of two Jane Does whose cases are worth following.

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Murdered Jane Does

If you binged the new season of Unsolved Mysteries like I did, you probably caught that episode House of Terror with the french man who killed his family and disappeared into thin air. What they don’t mention, however, is that this crime just like another that happened almost 50 years ago. Could the new murder mystery be solved just like the original?

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Murdered List Family

A real true crime story of Cheryl Coker’s murder. Many wonder if there are any updates in her case in 2020, and whether there will be an arrest now that her body is found.

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Murdered Cheryl Coker

  Audio Block Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more Content Guide: Drug use mentioned, no details – time: 6:58-7:36Discovery of a Body, no gruesome details – 11:09-11:37Methods of murder mentioned, very vague, no gruesome details – 17:21-18:00 Cast of Characters: Jim – Victim #1, owns house in Kyle, TXTina – […]

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Murdered Jim and Tina

A haunting true-crime podcast episode and real-life true crime story. Cassie Cotta was newly married and well-loved, but she suddenly disappeared on social media which mystified her family and friends.

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Murdered Cassie Cotta

Bizzy Bone as an adult Bizzy Bone as a Child Bryon Anthony McCane was abducted at age 4. This picture was featured on America’s Most Wanted, leading to his safe recovery. Adam Walsh Adam Walsh’s case is one of the most well-known abductions in American History. His dad, John Walsh, went on to host America’s […]

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Kidnapped Bizzy Bone

Content Guide: Mention of the phrase: “sexual relations” – time: 11:43-11:47 Brief mention of loss of pet – time: 12:07-12:12 Murder first mentioned – time: 20:02-20:05 Rape mentioned – time: 20:23-20:38 ShyShy’s Life Shy’Kemmia Shy’Rezz Pate lived in Unadilla, GA with her mom Veronica and older sisters LaSwanda and Rotando. Though she was known as […]

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Missing ShyShy Pate