no more guessing when to turn the volume down.

I was tired of trying to find a murder podcast I could listen to while my kids were I made one.

The days are long and the years are...well, they are kind of long too, aren't they?

Especially now, as you've huddled inside with your kids for a year, what used to be frustrating has become- at times- the unbearable. You never thought you'd miss morning meetings in the office, but you try not to sweat on your Zoom call as your kids leap from couch to couch in the other room.

Yes, it’s true that a crime podcast will not provide you a much-needed babysitter, nap, and clean house. Believe me, I truly wish I could lend a hand! What I can offer you 30 minutes of ad-free time to get back in touch with the part of yourself that loves the thrill of solving a crime.

If this sounds like the kind of offbeat that you love and miss then you, my friend, are in the right place.

I host this crime podcast for parents who secretly yearn for the ability to pop in those ear buds and ignore the fact that their floor is lava. As a mom to four kids and a lover of true crime, I have often found myself falling far behind on my favorite crime podcasts.

I found myself scrolling through Google results about cases I follow in the middle of the night while nursing. Or worse, I would doze off an episode and wake up to a blaring ad about something I didn't want or need. More kids and less sleep often led to an inability to stomach content that I used to consume.

My fourth baby was born 5 weeks early. As I stayed up during the late nights pumping and rocking my daughter in the NICU, a thought occurred to me. 

Hi, there-

my name is Bethany

There, Milk and Murder was born: complete with it’s content guide + focus on lesser known cases.

Hey, that's a great question!

I went to college for Criminal Justice where my first professor helped me fall in love with justice in Constitutional Law. When I started having babies, I became a childbirth educator. Through my radically honest and judgment free classes, I have taught hundreds of expectant parents about birth. I went on to create an online parenting magazine for liberal parents that reached over a million people in it's first year.

Now, I'm combining my professional and educational experiences to bring you Milk and Murder.

"Why should I listen to you?" - your brilliantly skeptical brain

What to Expect

I know you barely have time for true crime at all, let alone time to listen to ads that may or may not even apply to you. I'm committed to doing whatever I can to avoid using traditional ads in episodes so my listeners can count on minimal interruption.


The true crime genre should do more than exist for entertainment. I share an actionable step for improving the justice attend/lives of others in each episode. We should all work together to create a less racist and unjust world for kids everywhere.

Kind Crime Podcasting

This podcast puts victims first. There are no notorious serial killers and there is no victim-blaming. Episodes are less about gruesome details, and more about humanizing people before their lives become a legend. 

Humanizing Victims

my favorite things

It’s no secret that omg coffee is my liiiife, but there is nothing more luxurious to me than a cup of french press with extra cream. To take it over the top, I love to use beans from Onyx Coffee Lab.

french press


my favorite things

I feel like the professional world needs more GIFs. Hot question: which TV/movie character is your GIF counterpart? I think I’m half Moira Rose, half Michael Scott- 100% hot mess. 



my favorite things

I grew up in the PNW and I miss it every single day. My ultimate dream would be to have a second home in the woods near Olympia, WA. There, I would write my episodes and drink unlimited cups of french press.

pacific northwest


my favorite things

Not only do I love buying from small businesses when possible, but I also own a small business content marketing agency called Milk Social Co. I get hyped watching them succeed. 

small biz


my favorite things

Dark floral photography is such a favorite thing, and I have a tattoo on my left arm of a woman holding a bouquet of carnations. 



my favorite things

I live for a good story, especially digging for the unusual, peculiar, hidden details in things that seem mundane. 



my favorite things

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