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Coffee mug in the air- this is a toast to you, weary parent + sofa sleuth!

Milk and Murder is a crime podcast for swamped parents who love still love the thrill of hunting a killer. It’s for the big hearts with consideration taken for little ears; it’s about the victims and not the gore.

As a mom to four busy and oh-so-pure kids, I have created a unique crime podcast that prioritizes your wellbeing + lifestyle as a parent. I know that your true crime time is precious and I promise to honor it by covering the lesser known cases. With 19,000 homicides and 400,000 missing persons cases in the US each year, I know we can do better than Bundy...again.

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I was born and raised in the PNW. I live in NW Arkansas now, but Seattle is my first and last love.


I have four kids, two cats, and six kittens running around my house.


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missing akia eggleston


These are the unsolved mysteries of Milk and Murder. These have all been forgotten with time, ignored by the police and media, or missing just the tiniest piece of key evidence that could shatter the entire thing. They need your help and they need your ears.

Missing & Unsolved

- emily dickinson

Not knowing when the dawn will come, 
I open every door.

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You know how having kids kinda made the world seem so much bigger and scarier? I get it, and that's why I used my decade of experience a supportive as a childbirth educator for a decade and my education in Criminal Justice to create a crime podcast that:

Honors your mental health
Helps bring respect to victims
Provides actionable steps for justice

Check in with me when you start listening if you want, I'd love to hear what case you're on! 

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This podcast is clearly done thoughtfully, respectfully, and with an empathetic eye to the victim and the family members. So many true crime podcasts focus on the gritty details but this one places the emphasis right where it needs to be. She also has a call to action, which many podcasts are missing.

I’m hoping that these episodes can breath life into cases that have been mishandled and forgotten. Also her voice is soothing as heck. — KateCruz, iTunes

So. Good.

So many true crime podcasts focus the bulk of their time on the perpetrator, and delve into the details of the act. That has its place, and so does M+M’s style of victim-first storytelling.

Bethany is a true gem, completely relatable, and a joy to listen to. — MonaLisaEscapes, iTunes

Victim-first storytelling

I love Bethany’s voice! She weaves her love for her kids, her true crime obsession, and her advocacy for mental health & social justice together seamlessly in this podcast — can’t wait for more! — NDoliner89, iTunes

Felt like chatting with a friend

I do like true crime but I don’t like the darkness that comes with other podcasts not feeling their care for the victims of the cases. There’s a lot of care from this podcast while giving you all the info gathered from in depth research. And it feels like a knowledgeable, kind friend walking you through this. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need with true crime. — Kayemzee, iTunes

Exactly what I wanted

Your heart and kindness have me in tears. I’m hooked. #FindShyShy — Curlytopk, iTunes

Can’t wait for more

Bethany had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. She paints pictures with her words that makes you feel like you are right there at the scene. My favorite part is the end where she gives you resources/suggestions to also help the unsolved case get solved. — Kimbothehutt, iTunes


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